Featured Products

These  are are the latest trending designs chosen by Michael Barnes London from our extensive and exclusive range. 

Viefe Hooks

They are accessories that bring a new image and functionality to your walls. They decorate and bring order. They give that little bit extra and transform your surroundings.

They are designs that follow the same line as our handles in many cases and combine with them to generate harmonious environments. They can be fitted easily and allow you to hang up all types of garments and accessories. They are practical and aesthetic, extremely original with optimal dimensions and innovative shapes. They have the mark of designers from all over the world who, just like us, dream without limits.

At Viefe® we enjoy making our dreams materialize, so “hang your dreams up in the sky”.

Cosmov Ceramics

Since over 40 years Cosmov is active in national and international market of furniture handles, knobs and accessories for retailers and producers of different types and finishes; all characterized by Italian’s craftmanship quality, design and innovation. Thanks to the internal design and prototyping, all the products of our company can develop innovative solutions, unique and customized for every customer.

Mital Folding Hook

The MITAL coat hangers lines are functional and elegant, normally made in zamac. MITAL hooks are suitable for any kind of furnishing style and available in several different finishing, such as mat chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, bronze, black, white so we are pretty sure that you will find the most suitable coat hook for your needs.

Coat hangers are important design complements: they give the final touch to a wall, an entrance, as well as a proper piece of design illumination does. The environment gains a pleasant harmony when all these elements fit together: Take for instance a living room where all handles, knobs, shelf supports and hooks are a perfect match! You may have the same result in your house with MITAL different sets Mital.

Viefe Door Stops

The door stoppers are the start of a new dance for Viefe. After deciding to widen our range of accessories, we are exploring a new style of decorative surroundings into which we have never previously stepped: floor spaces of all types. We want to fill them with new designs and enhance their image to a whole new level.

Our door stoppers reach physical limits, but not creative limits. They protect yet surprise, adding style whilst at the same time preventing impacts. Designed to be seen, they transform your floor into harmonious points of design with the rest of your surroundings. They stand out from the rest both for their robustness and their shapes.


Viefe Way 0518

Way is an aluminum handle designed by the Viefe® Team which is characterized by its versatility and pragmatism. With a simple linear structure, this handle can be easily fitted to cupboard doors and drawers with chameleonic results. Way is the perfect handle for surroundings with a minimal aesthetic looking for subtle details. Its four different sizes and the long version -1.100mm -are available in five finishes -anodized matt, stainless steel look, brushed black and brushed grey- and make way the ideal handle to combine with all types of colours of furniture.

Viefe Rail 0511

Rail is an aluminum handle designed by Teruel i Paré which really makes it one of our designs par excellence. The longer version of 1.150 mm means it can be fitted perfectly onto cupboard doors in kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and offices adding a touch of modernity and design. Made in aluminum, it contributes added personality and modernity to furniture via its three elegant finishes: stainless steel look, brushed black and brushed cava. Rail is also available in a handle version with three more sizes.

Viefe Hexxa 0449

Hexxa is a handle with an aluminium built-in profile with an innovative design, different to all the models manufactured at Viefe® until now. Its two sides have a small incline which gives it a visual effect that is both modern and elegant. The singular characteristic of this model is that it allows you to play with a combination of sizes, as one of the doors can have a longer handle than the other so as to emphasise its fashionable features. It is a handle that can adapt to any size of door measurement that you wish, it is fitted without any complication and means the door can be opened and closed in a really comfortable way. It is available in matt white, matt black, metallic grey and metallic brown. It has been created especially to be fitted to kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Viefe Brave 0452

The design of the Brave handle is simple, stylish and attractive. The subtle curve of the handle makes it a lighter, minimalist model which looks perfect in kitchens, bathrooms and contemporary bedrooms. It is available in matt white and black and in the currently trending colours of metallic grey and metallic brown. We can also personalize the final finish.

Viefe Peak 0444

Peak is an aluminium handle with appearance and personality. It has a simple linear design and provides an added touch of functionality and a modern look to the furniture to which it is fitted. It is available in a stainless steel look, brushed black, matt white and in colours which are currently trending such as metallic grey and metallic brown. They each offer several possibilities on different types of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, in changing rooms and bedrooms. The 1150mm handle, in a decentralised position, and the 1800mm handle, in a centralised position, mean it can be fitted to cupboards of large dimensions whether in a residential setting or in hotels or other contract projects.

Confalonieri Flow Wardrobe System

The new accessories system for closets

Designed by Eidio Panzera, Flow system is the new accessories system for closets and walk-in closets in the home and contract presented by Confalonieri at Sicam 2015.
The project idea starts from the desire to imagine, with a single coordinated and harmonious aesthetics, all the many accessories in the contemporary cabinet.
The system germinates from the base element: the sliding hanging rail, consisting in two rectangular profiles and a terminal handle; when closed, a thin horizontal cut welcomes the hooks of the hangers, creating, thus, an elegant and minimal aesthetics.

Navarro Veteo 7451

Navarro Azorín have a large range of knobs and handles for furniture to suit all styles, kitchen cabinet handles that are perfect to satisfy the imagination of any furniture creator and handles for bedroom wardrobes and cabinets that combine versatility and design.

The Veteo 7451 are the very latest in the range.

Navarro Moleto 7450

Navarro Azorín have a large range of knobs and handles for furniture to suit all styles, kitchen cabinet handles that are perfect to satisfy the imagination of any furniture creator and handles for bedroom wardrobes and cabinets that combine versatility and design.

The Moleto 7450 are the very latest in the range.