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Here you will find a selection of our main suppliers, suppliers who we feel are at the cutting edge of design and innovation.

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Cosmov Industrial ceramics

Introduces Cosmos

Innovation and attention to details: Real “made in Italy” production.
For over 40 years Cosmov have beed active in the national and international market of furniture handles, knobs and accessories for retailers and producers all over the world; all characterised by Italian craftmanship and quality, design and innovation. ions.

The Industrial Ceramics handles are part of the Michael Barnes London Industrial Range - combining raw functionality with stripped-back elegance.

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The Future Is Now

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MICHAEL BARNES are pleased to offer the full range of extremely high quality handles and knobs from Viefe. Their fantastic attention to detail and beautiful designs have proved to be a hugely popular addition to the UK market and will provide a unique addition to any project.

For VIEFE® the future is no longer tomorrow, but has now become focused on what’s happening right here and right now.
We are creating the future with every single knob and handle design that you can find in our range. Each has been designed with a nod towards future decorative trends, with an innovative way of understanding a piece of furniture and to new lifestyles that demand aesthetics, functionality and installation systems that are as simple as possible.
The number of design teams that collaborate with Viefe® continues to grow. Talent without limits! Their visionary focus and sensitivity enrich the design process of our brand and widen the options that our customers can choose from to transform their kitchen, bedroom or bathroom surroundings by using our products.
It’s all about interpreting each product without any set rules. Daring to use new materials. Offering special sizes and personalised niches. Experimenting and combining shapes, tones, and textures. Giving a whole new look to everything.
The future is in our hands.


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Innovative Solutions for a Complex World

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MICHAEL BARNES Has been working closely with Confalonieri for several years, from their brilliant design concepts and integrated systems as seen on our concepts page to their huge selection of Italian designed handles and knobs we are delighted to offer their full range here in the UK.

has produced furniture handles since 1950, unwaveringly approaching
the product with special focus on the functional and ergonomic features that make a quality design item.Hence, the goal is not form in itself, but a design solution that merges the functional
traits typical of a product that is both useful and designed for easy use.
A keen study of trends and evolution of furniture underpins project Confalonieri to create interaction between the item of furniture and the handle which can act, at times, as a characterising grip, and at other times as a variation on the door surface or as a clear-cut linear basic element. Unfailingly an original solution for opening the furniture item.


Confalnieri image
Confalnieri image
Confalonieri logo

Design Shape & Colour

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MICHAEL BARNES Has once again been able to source one of the top manufacturers of Italian designed products, we are delighted to offer their full range of handles, Knobs, shelf brackets and coat hooks here in the UK.

realises handles, knobs, hangers, shelf supports and complements for the furnishing of Italian style, designed by creative architects specialised in the furniture industry. Mital has thirty years experience in the creation and production of handles, becoming one of the leading companies that set the trends in the furniture fittings world. The handles and the complementary items are a testament to Italian style, which improves the aesthetics of any environment, adapting to doors, walls and furniture for the home or office.

Handles, knobs, hangers, shelf support and accessories are manufactured in different materials, in response to every possible creative intuition of the designers who plan them. The production also includes the working of steel, aluminium, brass, abs, wood and zinc alloy. The online catalogue contains the full range of products, and it is organised into 4 main categories: knobs, handles, hangers and complements. The brand Mital is a guarantee about the style of the article and about the quality of the finished product. The company is located in Motta di Livenza, Treviso, North Italy, in the heart of the main national production area for furniture. Mital lends the utmost attention at all stages of processing in order to propose quality to 360 degrees. The checks are instrumental and visual, with different sampling plans based on the production lots. Considering the aesthetics and the quality of production, Mital products fit with luxury furnishings, giving elegance and functionality to every environment. Mital: the true Italian design, the true design made in Italy.


Mital Image
Mital Image
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A qualitative leap forward.

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MICHAEL BARNES Has been able to source one of the top manufacturers of Spanish designed products, we are delighted to offer their full range of handles, Knobs, shelf brackets and coat hooks here in the UK.

Manufacturer of furniture fitting, handles and knobs.

Navarro Azorín, a Spanish company founded in 1967, is now one of the leading manufacturers of furniture fittings in Europe.

With a Spanish design and production but an international vocation, Navarro Azorín now makes and sells knobs and handles in more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Have a look at our extensive catalogue of furniture handles and be enthralled by the know-how of a family company that has a track record of more than 50 years and is a supplier of many of the leading firms in the international furniture sector.

Using the three most available raw materials in the sector: zamak, aluminium and ABS, plus the best technology and professionals, Navarro Azorín provides designers, distributors and furniture manufacturers with a wide range of solutions to enhance the design and the features of the furniture.

Browse through our catalogue or downland it, so that it is easier to work with and it is at hand whenever you need it. Find out how Navarro Azorín can help you take a qualitative leap forward in the design of your furniture.

Navarro Image
Navarro Image

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